Online Fundraising

Giro d’Canberra 2020


Entry terms and conditions

  1. The Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak Inc ('Rotary') organises and hosts a fundraising cycling event known as the 'Giro d'Canberra' (the 'Event'). By registering to participate in the Event, and in consideration of Rotary's agreement to your participation in the Event, you agree that these terms and conditions will govern your legal rights and obligations as an Event participant.
  2. In these terms and conditions, 'Event Organiser' means;
  • Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak Inc ABN 61 428 407 312, its employees and members; and
  • Rotary's contractors and volunteers who assist Rotary with the organisaion and running of the Event.
  1. You declare that:
  • You are at least 18 years old at the time of registering for the Event;
  • You have considered and unerstood the likely physical and mental demands of the Event;
  • You are not aware of any medical condition that is likely to inhibit your safe participation in the Event;
  • If you become aware of any medical or helath-related condition which may impact on your ability to safely participate in the Event, you will promptly notify the Event Organiser and withdraw from the Event; and
  • During the course of the Event you will use a bicycle that is in sound mechanical order and suitable for road riding and the Event conditions, including having a front and rear bicycle light that meets the minimum relevant Australian standard.
  1. At all times during the Event you must:
  • Comply with all applicable laws including the road rules of the Australian Capital Territory;
  • Wear a helmet that complies with the relevant Australian standard;
  • Obey all Event Organiser instructions; and
  • Use your best endeavours and common sense to avoid injuring yourself and other Event participants, injuring any other person and causing damage to any property.
  1. You acknowledge that:
  • Your participation in the Event is subject to risks including risks of personal injury or death and loss and damage to personal property; and
  • Rotary recommends that you take out personal accident insurance and ambulance cover for your participation in the Event.
  1. You:
  • acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the protection of your personal property at all times during the Event, and that the Event Organisers will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of your personal property in connection with the Event; and
  • Agree to hold harmless and indemnify Event Organisers in relation to all claims or actions (including in negligence) in connection with your participation in the Event.
  1. You acknowledge and agree that:
  • Event Organisers will handle you and other people's personal information in accordance with the Event privacy policy available at;
  • You may be photgraphed or filmed by Event Organisers during the Event; and
  • Your personal information (including your name, photographs and video footage) may be used for any purpose outlined in the privacy policy with any compensation.
  1. Rotary may at any time and for any reason alter, postpone, suspend or cancel the Event, in which case;
  • If Rotary offers for you to participate in a substantially equivalent event run by the Event Organiser within 12 months time of the originally scheduled Event - you will not be entitled to a refund; and
  • If Rotary does not offer for you to participate in a substantially equivalent event run by the Event Organiser within 12 months time of the originally scheduled Event - you will be entitled to a refund.
  1. If you withdraw from the Event for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of your registration fee.