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Giro d’Canberra 2020 privacy policy


In carrying out the Giro d’ Canberra 2020, a fundraising activity of Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak Inc (‘Rotary’), Rotary handles personal information, such as:

  • If you register to ride in Giro D'Canberra 2020;
  • If you donate funds for someone registered to ride in Giro d'Canberra 2020;
  • If you are a family member or friend of someone who registers to ride in Giro d'Canberra 2020 and that rider nominates you as a contact person in the event of an emergency;
  • If you or your organisation provides products or services to Rotaty in connection with Giro d'Canberra; or
  • If you volunteer to help us to organise and carry out the Giro d'Canberra. 

Rotary only collects personal information to the extent that it is relevant and necessary for our activities.  We may collect some personal information that is ‘sensitive’, such as relevant information about rider health and medical conditions.


We respect people’s privacy, and we treat all personal information carefully and in accordance with this policy.


In carrying out Giro d’Canberra 2020, Rotary uses ‘GoFundraise’ which is a third party online fundraising facility. The GoFundraise online facility is provided by GoFundraise Pty Ltd.  GoFundraise has a privacy policy which can be viewed at Rotary does not operate or control GoFundraise.


In order to ride in Giro d’Canberra 2020, riders need to register via GoFundraise’s online registration.  People who would like to sponsor riders can donate money via GoFundraise which processes payments and emails receipts to sponsors. Sponsors have the option of donating funds anonymously, or they can provide personal information such as their name.


GoFundraise publishes personal information on a fundraising web page for Giro d’Canberra 2020 such as rider names, profiles, details of funds raised, sponsor messages and details of sponsors donations and the name of donors who have chosen to provide their names. 


GoFundraise will also disclose personal information to Rotary, such as:

  • Personal information which riders submit about themselves and their emergency contacts when they register to participate in Giro d'Canberra 2020; and
  • Personal information about donors, where donors choose to identify themselves.

GoFundraise does not disclose credit card details or other confidential payment details (other than payment amounts) to Rotary.

Rotary will collect personal information of riders and other individuals at the Giro d’ Canberra 2020 through photographs or videos.


Rotary will use personal information collected for the Giro d’ Canberra 2020 for the purposes of:

  • Organising and carrying out the Giro d'Canberra 2020;
  • Inviting people's feedback on the event;
  • Keeping riders informed about future Giro d'Canberra or other evetns organised by Rotary. You can opt out of receeiving promotional information at any time by emailing Rotary at the address provided on our promotional communications, or by contacting our privacy officer (see details below); and
  • Rotary's general administration.

Rotary may disclose your personal information (or other people’s personal information that you provide to us) to other people or organisations who/which help us to organise and run the Giro d’Canberra 2020, such as our contracted providers and volunteers. Rotary may publish photographs and video footage of Giro d’Canberra 2020 (which may include images of riders and other people who attend Giro d’Canberra 2020) on Rotary’s website, Facebook page and other social media or marketing platforms. 


Rotary will not disclose your personal information overseas. 


If you would like to access your personal information which Rotary holds, or if you would like to lodge a complaint about your privacy, please contact our privacy officer (see details below).


This privacy policy only applies to the 2020 Giro d’Canberra 2020. It does not apply to future Giro d’Canberra events or the other activities of Rotary. Rotary may update this privacy policy from time to time by publishing an updated privacy policy at its website -


To discuss privacy, please contact us:


(a)     by email at


(b)     by writing to:

         Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak

         PO Box 99

         WODEN ACT 2606


(c)     by telephoning (02) 6282 0791